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Analog Vernier Slide Caliper China 150mm

Original price was: ৳ 700.Current price is: ৳ 650.
Description This Vernier Caliper is the best and popular slide caliper in Bangladesh. Length: 6″ (six-inch), Made by Stainless Steel,

Insize Digital Slide Caliper, 0-150mm

৳ 3,500
Description ELECTRONIC CALIPER, 0-6″/0-150mm Type No. 1108-150 Product Description Accuracy: +/-.0008″, Resolution: .0005″/0.01mm. Includes Inspection Certificate traceable to NIST. Automatic

Insize Vernier Caliper,Slide Calipers 1205-150S

Original price was: ৳ 1,800.Current price is: ৳ 1,750.
Description Insize 1205-150S : Vernier Caliper, 0-150mm/ 0-6inch Inside & Outside Measuring Jaws Meet DIN862 Made of Stainless Steel Satin