Battery Hydrometer Acid Electrolyte 1 Piece

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Battery Hydrometer Acid Electrolyte



Key Specifications/Special Features:

Battery hydrometer: range: 1100-1300. Length: 320mm. Size: 60*30*40cm. Package: 75pcs/ctn. 1. Take off the rubber cork from the top the glass tube. 2. Take the float out of the glass tube,after which take a small piece of sponge out of the same. 3. Fasten the tubber suction ball on the tube end and pull out partial glass tubes squeezed. In therubber ball alowly until the glass tube and the ruber ball connect each other in their mouths. 4. Moisten the rubber cork and put it back onto the tube top. 5. Suck the liquid under test and read the value. We also accept orders for hydrometers according to customers special specifications.


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