Digital Salinity Pen-8372 Az-Taiwan

৳ 4,500


The 8372 AZ Salinity Meter can measure the Salinity and Temperature for the water solution target. The units of Salinity are including ppt, % and specific gravity (S.G.). User only needs one touch to switch different units for different measuring purposes.
Model: 8372
Salinity Measuring Range: 0~9999 ppm or 10.0~100.0 ppt or 0.0%~10.0% · or 0.950~1.080 (S.G.) based on NaCl
Salinity Accuracy: 1% F.S ±1 digit
Salinity Resolution: 1 ppm or 0.1 ppt or 0.1% or 0.001 (S.G.)
Temperature Measuring Range: 5~60.0℃
Temperature Accuracy: 0.5℃


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