Oscilloscope LODESATAR MOS-620CH 20MHz DUAL Channel Analog

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Quick Details

Place of Origin: China Brand Name: LODESATAR Model Number: 620CH
Bandwidth: 20MHz Type: Analog Oscilloscope Channels: 2


*Build-in 6 Digit Frequency Counter
*20MHz/40MHz/50MHz Dual Channel
*10 times sweep magnification
*TV Synchronization,X-Y mod




High luminance,internal graticule CRT

Japanese electronic encoder,light,handy and reliable

Fully sealed long live vertical mode switch

ALT Triggering Function. Two indepen dent signals

simultaneous observation

Build-in 6 Digit Frequency Counter

20MHz/40MHz/50MHz Dual Channel

10 times sweep magnification

TV Synchronization,X-Y mode




Horizontal System

Sweep time: 0.2uSec~0.5Sec/DIV,20steps in 1-2-5 sequence;

Sweep time accuracy:±3%

Vernier sweep time control:≤1/2.5 of panel-indicated and #118alue;

Sweep magnification: 10 times;

×10MAG sweep time accuracy: ±5% (20nSec~50nSec are uncalibrated);

Linearity:±5%,×10MAG: ±10% (0.2s~1us)

Position shift caused by ×10MAG: within 2DIV. At CRT screen center



Frequency bandwidth: DC to at least 500KHz;

X-Y phase difference:≤3°at DC~50KHz

Sensitivity: Same as vertical axis. (X-axis:CH1 input signal; Y-axis:CH2 input signal.);


Waveform: Positive-going square wave;

Frequency: Approx. 1KHz;

Duty ratio: Within 48:52;

Output voltage: 2Vp-p±2%;

Output impedance: Approx.1KΩ



Waveform: Positive-going square wave;

Frequency: Approx. 1KHz;

Duty ratio: Within 48:52;

Output voltage: 2Vp-p±2%;

Output impedance: Approx.1KΩ



Type: 6-inch rectangular type, internal graticule;


Acceleration voltage: Approx.2KV(20MHz)/Approx.12kv(40MHz);

Effective screen size:8×10DIV[1DIV=10mm(0.39in)];

Graticule: Internal;

Trace rotation: Provided



Sensitivity:5mV~5V/DIV,10 steps in 1-2-5sequence

Sensitivity accuracy:≤3%

Vernier vertical sensitivity: Continuously variable to 1/2.5 or less of panel-indicated and #118alue Frequency

bandwidth: DC~20MHz(x5MAG:DC~7MHz)/DC~40MHz(x5MAG:DC~15MHz)DC~50MHz(X5MAG:DC~15MHz)

AC coupling: Low limit frequency 10Hz. (With reference to 100KHz, 8DIV, Frequency response with-3dB.)

Rise time: Approx.17.5ns (x5 MAG: Approx.50nS) Approx.8.75ns (x5 MAG: Approx.25nS)

Approx.7ns (x5 MAG: Approx.23.3nS)

Input impedance: Approx.1MΩ/Approx.25pF

DC balance shift: 5mV~5V/DIV: ±0.5DIV, 1mV~2mV/DIV ±2.0DIV

Linearity:<±0.1DIV of amplitude change when waveform of 2DIV at graticule center is moved vertically

vertical modes: CH1 single channel; CH2 single channel; DUAL: CH1 and CH2 are displayed

Simultaneously. ALT or CHOP selectable at any sweep at any sweep rate; ADD: CH1+CH2 algebraic addition

Chopping repetition frequency: Approx. 250KHz

Input coupling: AC, GND,  DC

Maximum input voltage: 300Vpeak (AC: frequency 1KHz or lower);

common mode rejection ratio: 50:1 or better at 50KHz sinusoidal wave.

(When sensitivities of Ch1 and Ch2 are set equally)

Isolation between channels (At 5mV/DIV range):

>1000:1 at 50KHz; >30:1 at 15MHz/>30:1 at 35MHz/>30:1 at 45MHz

CH2 INV BAL: Balanced point variation:≤1DIV (Reference at center graticule)



Triggering source: CH1,CH2,LINE,EXT

Coupling: AC: 20Hz to full bandwidth


Sensitivity: 20Hz~2MHz:1DIV, TRIG-ALT:2DIV EXT:200mV;TRIG-ALT:3DIV,EXT:800mV;


TV: Sync pulse more than 1 DIV (EXT:1V)

Triggering modes: AUTO; NORM: TV-V: TV-H: (Both TV-V and TV-H synchronize only

when the synchronizing signal is negative)

EXT triggering signal input: Input impedance/: Approx:1MΩ/approx.25pF;

Max.input voltage:300V (DC+AC peak), AC: Frequency not higher than 1KHz


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