Soil pH Meter 12 inch Probe Plants Tools Moisture Measuring – TPH01807

৳ 1,800


PH range: 3-8 pH;

Moisture range: 1-8%;

PH accuracy: ± 0.2ph;

Moisture accuracy: ±1%.

Ambient temperature: 5-50ºC.

When using it for the first time, insert the probe into the soil several times, remove the oil and impurities above, measure the soil pH value and humidity, first insert the probe into the soil as deep as possible, read the pH value about 10 minutes later, press the white button next to the meter will show the water content.

When using pay attention to insert the electrode can not touch the stone, do not force too hard, otherwise easy to hurt the electrode;Do not mix the instrument with the magnetic material and do not leave it in the soil for more than an hour. Wash the electrodes after use.

Method of use

1. If the soil at the test point is too dry or too rich to measure the ph of the soil, pour water on the test point and wait for 28 minutes before determining.

2. Before using the tester, please use the abrasive cloth and wipe the part of the metal absorption plate completely to avoid affecting the measured value.If the new product is not used, the surface layer of the metal plate has protective oil, which must be inserted into the soil several times before being used after grinding the protective oil layer.

3. When acid and alkali values are measured, they should be directly inserted into the soil at the test point. The metal plate surface must be completely buried, and only the correct value can be obtained after about 10 minutes.Soil density, humidity, and too much fertilizer can affect the measurements, so they must be measured several times in different locations for an average.

4. The acid and base value of the tester is very stable after 10 minutes. At this time, press the white button on the side and the humidity will be displayed immediately.


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