Split Soil Meter PH Tester Acid Moisture Used For Gardening Planting Farms No Battery Required

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WS-SPH-01 soil acidity hygrometer

product description:

This series of instruments is widely used in horticulture, planting farms, can test the pH value of the soil (pH). No battery. Well-designed, can measure the soil pH value, accurate measurement, simple operation, economical and practical, easy to operate, fully in line with indoor, Outdoor testing is required. This series of soil acidity meter is popular among users because of its high stability, high reliability, easy to use and low price. Soil acidity meter is also known as soil acidity moisture meter, soil acid hygrometer, soil pH meter, portable soil acidity meter, soil pH meter. Soil pH is an important factor limiting crop production and quality. The instrument is easy to use and can be inserted directly. soil.

Brief parameter description:

Measuring range:

PH range: 2.5-9 PH;

PH accuracy: ±0.5PH;

Operating ambient temperature: 5-50 ° C


When using for the first time, insert the probe into the soil several times to remove the oil and impurities. When measuring the pH and humidity of the soil, first insert the probe into the soil as far as possible, and read the PH value after about 10 minutes.

When using it, please be careful not to touch the electrode when inserting the electrode. Do not use too much force, otherwise it will damage the electrode. Do not put the instrument and magnetic material together. Do not keep it in the soil for more than 1 hour. Wash the electrode after use.


1. If the soil at the measuring point is too dry or the fertilizer is too much to measure the pH of the soil, it is necessary to splash the water at the measuring point and wait 30 minutes before measuring.

2. Before using the measuring device, use a grinding cloth to completely wipe the metal absorption plate to prevent the measured value. If the new product is not used, the surface of the metal plate has protective oil. It must be inserted into the soil several times before the protective oil layer is removed.

3. When the pH value is measured, it is directly inserted into the test point soil, and the non-ferrous metal plate surface must be completely filled into the soil. The obtained value is about 10 minutes. Soil density, humidity, and excessive fertilizer may affect the measured value, so it must be measured several times at different locations to average.

Product Name: Soil PH pH Meter


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