Nitrate Test Kit HI-3874,Hanna,Romania

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HI-3874 Nitrate Test Kit Hanna, 100 Tests, Made in Romania

TheĀ Nitrate test kitĀ HI-3874 is a chemical test kit for testing Nitrate. It is supplied with reagents to do 100 tests, a glass cuvette and a color comparison guide.

Nitrate ions are present in trace amounts in surface water and in higher levels in some groundwater. Nitrate is found only in small quantities in domestic wastewater but can reach higher concentrations (up to 30 mg/L as nitrogen) in the outflow of nitrifying biological treatment plants.

Specifications of Nitrate Test Kits:

  • Method: Colorimetric
  • Range: 0-50 mg/L
  • Smallest Increment: 10mg/L
  • Chemical Method: Cadmium Reduction
  • Number of Tests: 100
  • Weights: 156gm
  • Country of Manufacture: Romania
  • Supplier & Wholesaler: s.t international
  • Discount Process: Please send your requirement by for Special Corporate Price.
  • More Information:


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