PALL Nylon 47mm 0.45um Membrane Filter

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Membrane Filter Paper 100 Pcs Per Box



Pall Life Sciences Membrane Filter, Ultipore N6,6 Nylon, 0.45µm Pore 47mm Diameter, Pack of 100:

These  Nylon membranes from Pall offers unsurpassed sensitivity, low background, and lot-to-lot consistency for all radioactive and non-radioactive detection methods. Due to their hydrophilic nature, these nylon membranes results in easy wetting across the membrane. When subjected to multiple cycles of hybridization, stripping, and reprobing, the stability, and durability of nylon membranes are showcased as they will not crack, shrink, or tear

  • No pre-wetting required
  • Low protein affinity
  • Versatile filter
  • Brand: Pall Corporation
  • Origin: India

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