Iron Test Kit HI-3834 Hanna,Romania

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Hanna test kits measure the strength or weakness of a chemical presence according to the degree of colour saturation. Ie – if it is pale in colour, then the chemical concentration is low. If the colour is strong, then the chemical concentration is high. Simply add the reagent to the compound to be tested and match the colour gained against a colour chart included in the kit.

Iron Test Kit Hanna Romania

The HI-3834 Iron test kit determines the iron concentration in water by conversion of the ferrous (Fe2+) state. The test is fast, easy and safe. The colour cube makes it simple to obtain the iron level in the water.

Iron can exist as ferrous (Fe2+) or ferric (Fe3+) ions. The HI-3834 test kit determines total iron levels in water via a Colorimetric method. First, all ferric ions are reduced by sodium sulphite to ferrous ions. Phenanthroline complexes with ferrous ion to form an orange coloured solution, the colour intensity of the solution determines the iron


Method Colourimetric
Range 0-5 mg/L
Smallest Increment 1 mg/L
Chemical Method Phenanthroline
Number of Tests 50
Weight 142.5 g


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