Sulphite Test Kit HI-3822,Hanna,Romania

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Sulphite Test Kit HI-3822 Hanna Instruments, Romania Approx. 110 Tests Per Box

Titration is used to find the concentration of an identified chemical in a solution (e.g., water).

In our standard Titration kits, there will be a Titrant solution that is added to the liquid (e.g., water) to be tested to make it change colour. The Reagent is then added under monitored conditions.

Hanna Sulphite Test Kit

Sulphite is rarely found in natural waters because it oxidizes quickly to sulphate. However, sulphite is commonly used in industry, in particular, in the food sector for its preservative properties. Range (0 to 200mg/L).

The HI-3822 sulphite test kit makes monitoring easy, quick and safe. The compact size gives the user the versatility to use the kit practically anywhere. The design of the kit makes it practically impossible to spill the reagents, thereby reducing the possibility of injury or damage to property.

The method used is an iodometric method. Iodide ions react with iodate ions in the presence of sulphuric acid to form iodine.

The sulphite present in the water sample then reduces the iodine back to iodide.

An excess of iodate ions will generate additional iodine, which will form a blue complex with starch. This colour change determines the end point of this titration.

Order information

The HI-3822 test kit is supplied with the following:

  • 30 mL sulphamic acid solution
  • 30 mL EDTA reagent
  • 15 mL sulphuric acid solution
  • 10 mL starch indicator
  • 120 mL titrant solution
  • 20 mL calibrated vessel and 50 mL calibrated vessel
  • Calibrated syringe with tip

Specifications of Sulphite Test Kit

  • Method: Titration
  • Range: 0.0-20.0 mg/L, 0-200 mg/L
  • Smallest Increment: 0.2 mg/L, 2 mg/L
  • Chemical Method: Iodometric
  • Number of Tests: approx. 110
  • Ordering information: HI-3822 test kit comes with 30mL sulphamic acid solution, 30ml EDTA reagent, 15ml sulphuric acid solution, 10ml start indicator, 120ml titrant solution, 20ml calibrated vessel, 50ml calibrated vessel and calibrated syringe with tip
  • Reagent: HI-3822-100 Sulphite (as Na2SO3), 110 tests avg


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