Refactometer Combo (0-44%, 0-38%, 0-190%) Brix ( ATC )

৳ 3,000 ৳ 2,400


  • 4-in-1 Tester – Measuring Freezing of automoblie antifreeze based on ethylene glycol or propylene glycol -60℉ to 32℉. Measuring Specific Gravity of battery acid 1.10 to 1.40Kg/L. Measuring of Windshield Washer Fluid based on ethanol or isopropyl alcohol -40℉ to 32℉. Measuring Urea Concentration in automobile diesel exhauset fluid (DEF)
  • Display In Fahrenheit – Updated antifreeze coolant refractometer in Fahrenheit (℉) display, allow you easy to read measured results by ℉ unit, no need to units conversion and save your time
  • ATC Function – Coolant refractometer Fahrenheit can automatically compensate temperature when ambient temperature changes, eliminate the deviation, you can get the accurate results fast and easier
  • Easy To Use – Only need 2 or 3 drops of solution and wait for few seconds, then you get the accurate results. These antifreeze tester needs less sample solution than tradistional hydrometer and less expensive then digital refractometer
  • Durable And Portable – Antifreeze coolant tester is made of aluminum and ABS rubber, non-staining, anti-rust and stury for long perfermance. Comes with durable plastic box, portable and easy to take with you


Measurement Range:


  • Concentration of Urea: 30%~35%, resolution: 0.2
  • Freezing point of Automotive glass water: -40℉ to 32℉
  • Freezing point of Antifreeze based on Propylene Glycol: 58℉ to 32℉
  • Freezing point of Antifreeze based on Ethylene Glycol: -60℉ to 32℉
  • Specific Gravity of Rechargeable Battery Fluid: 1.10~1.40KG/L, resolution: 0.01



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